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Big Pan Catering

Preparing everything fresh from scratch, our team set up the big pan so your guests can watch, with the food on display right through from preparation to cooking - you can see how your food is made. With sizzling ingredients right before your guests eyes, this really is a very special catering experience. Our team serve the meal hot directly from the pan to your plate. A spectacle for your guests to watch and a catering style to make any event even more memorable!

Traditional Paella
King prawns, crab, mussels & scallops cooked with a mix of peppers, red onions, paprika, saffron & garlic all slowly cooked in traditional Spanish paella rice. Topped with giant king prawns and fresh lemon & parsley.

served with
Mediterranean salad

Authentic Mexican Chilli
Beef mince cooked with fresh mixed chilies, red onions & peppers blended with tomatoes, kidney beans and finished with Mexican spices & herbs.

served with
Sour cream
Grated cheese

Chicken & Chorizo Paella
Marinated chicken breast & chorizo cooked with sweet peppers, red onions with paprika, saffron & garlic braised with traditional Spanish rice topped with Serrano Ham & Olives.
served with
Mediterranean salad

Thai Red Curry
Chicken breast with onions, mushrooms, red & green peppers, tomatoes, seasoned Red Thai curry paste, lemon grass, garlic and coconut milk.
served with
Jasmine Thai rice
Mixed green salad
Thai prawn crackers

Moroccan Lamb
Prime minced lamb cooked with red onions, fresh mint, yellow & red peppers, apricots and tomatoes marinated together in a blend of Moroccan spices.

served with
Mixed green salad
Spicy couscous with roasted vegetables

Indian Curry
Marinated chicken breast cooked with fresh chilies, red onions, mix of peppers, coriander, Indian spices & Herbs. You can specify mild, medium or hot!
served with
Pickle Tray (Mango Chutney, Onion Relish and Cucumber Riata)