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***Prices are based on a minimum of 50 people***

Buffet Menus


Continental Breakfast

Freshly prepared fruit salad

Croissants with selction of mini jams or ham & cheese

Section of Danish pastries


Freshly squeezed orange juice


Finger Buffet Menu 1 

Assorted sandwiches 

Home-made cheese & onion pie (v)

Corned beef pie

Vegetarian quiche

Tempura prawns with sweet chilli sauce

Sausages with honey & mustard

Scotch egg

Spicy chicken wings

Home-made coleslaw (v)

Garlic & rosemary roasted new potatoes

Finger Buffet Menu 2 

Selection of sandwiches & wraps

Vegetarian frittata (v)

Chicken tikka samosas with raita

Onion bhajis (V)

Vegetable spring rolls & sweet chilli dip(V)

Chicken skewers

Sausage rolls


Crudites & dips

Cheese & grapes (v)

Home-made coleslaw (v)

Garlic & rosemary roasted new potatoes (v)

Fruit skewers (v)

Tray bakes

Menu 3 

Assorted sandwiches

Assorted wraps

Corned beef & potato slice

Cheese & potato slice (V)

Sausage rolls

Mini vegetarian quiche (V)

Duck spring rolls

Vegetable samosas (V)

Spicy chicken wings

Sausages in honey & mustard

Mini Yorkshires with beef & horseradish

Cheese, grapes & fruit (V)

Home-made coleslaw (V)

Garlic & rosemary potatoes (V)

Finger Buffet Menu 4 

Choose 2 Pulled Meats From The Selection Below

Tray of pulled pork in gravy

Tray of pulled pork in BBQ sauce, cheese & jalepenos

Tray of pulled chicken in gravy

Tray of beef in gravy with garlic, tomatoes & shallots

Tray of pulled lamb in minted gravy

Tray of pulled lamb cooked with spices & pomegranate juice

Freshly baked bread buns

Stuffing with chicken & pork

Garlic & rosemary roasted new potatoes (V)

Vegetarian quiche (V)

Corned beef pie

Chicken skewers

Pork pies

Crisps (V)

Crudites & dips (V)

Cheese & grapes (V)

Home-made coleslaw (V)

Fruit skewers (V)

Finger Buffet Menu 5 

Chicken tikka, salad & mint wraps

Curried vegetable wraps (v)

Spicy prawns wraps

Vegetable pakora (v)

Tandoori chicken skewers

Lamb shish kebab

Onion bhajis (v)

Meat samosas with mint dip

Vegetable samosas with mint dip (v)

Bombay potato salad (v)

Tandoori prawns

Onion salad (v)

Indian rice salad (v)

Poppadoms & pickles (v)

Bombay mix (v)

Afternoon Tea 


Selection of sandwiches of your choice

Pies & Pastries

Individual gruyere & leek quiche (V)

Mini corned beef pasty

Sweet Treats

Sweet & savoury scones

Victoria sandwich cake

Chocolate brownies

Mini pavlovas

All Gluten Free Buffet

Meat platter - either home-cooked ham, turkey, pork & beef


Serrano ham, salami & chorizo

Assorted olives

Stuffed sweet pepperdew peppers

Vegetable platter

Chicken skewers with home-made chilli tomato jam

Sweet potato, rocket & chickpea frittata

Parmesan salad

Tomato & onion salad with a chilli & garlic dressing

Home-made potato salad

Home-made coleslaw

Assorted crisps

Tandoori King prawns

Cheese & gluten free crackers

Fruit platter

Gluten free chocolate brownie

Delux Buffet Menu 

Tomato,pesto & basil brushetta (v)

Goats cheese & caramelised onion brushetta (v)

Smoked salmon & horseradish blinis

Mixed sandwiches

Assorted wraps

Home-made Vegetable frittata (v)

Home-made Quiche Lorraine

Craster crab vol au vents

Sausages with mustard & honey

Tempura prawns with sweet chilli sauce

Orzo pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes & tomato pesto (v)

Spicy chicken wings

Home-made coleslaw (v)

Cheese board (v), dry cured meats & grapes

Crackers, bread sticks and celery (v)

American Themed Buffet 

Bockwurst style hot dogs

Cajun chicken drumsticks

Home-made veggie chilli & rice (v)

Spicy potato wedges (v)

Nachos with cheese, jalepanos, salsa & guacamole (v)

Home-made coleslaw (v)

New York deli sandwiches, bagels with soft cheese & grapes and a selection of donuts!!

Northern Buffet 

Home-cooked ham & home-made pease pudding stotties Home-cooked pork & home-made stuffing stotties

Egg & tomato stotties (v)

Pan haggerty (v)

Northumbrian sausage rolls

Craster crab vol-au-vonts

Corned beef & potato pie

Pork pies

Scotch eggs

Mini beef & horse radish home-made Yorkshire puddings

Salted nuts, crisps & pickled onions

A selection of Northumberland cheeses with crackers breads (v)

Delux buffet 2 

  1. Meat platters - Ham, beef & turkey

Dressed salmon

Garlic & coriander king prawns

Coronation chicken

Garlic & rosemary roasted new potatoes

Selection of 5 salads

Selection of breads - Chia, sun-dried tomato, garlic & rosemary, cheese & pepper

Artisan Buffet 

              Platters of beef with mustards & horseradish

Roast salmon with lemon mayo & dill

Deli meat platter with chorizo, Parma ham & salami

Turkey, pork & cranberry pie

Coronation chicken

Wild mushroom & truffle oil tarts

Vegetable platter with roasted peppers, courgettes, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts & baby mozzarella

Home-made coleslaw

Home-made potato salad or New potatoes with herb butter

Selection of cheeses served with figs, grapes, celery, chutneys & oak biscuits

Selection of Artisan breads served with olive oil & balsamic dips

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